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The Keiko Fujii Dance Company was formed in 1983 in Osaka and has been presenting a large repertoire of productions by Ms. Fujii. U.S. appearances in New York City over past 34 years, appearing at Lincoln Center, City Center and the Kaye Playhouse, also in Chicago, Atlanta, Hawaii and Los Angeles over 32 years. Los Angeles, Chicago and Hawaii.
The Keiko Fujii Dance Company New York was established in 2016 and has been performing for Fujii's own productions in New York and in Japan.
"Tamashii no Hibiki ⅡーSoul Vibrations Ⅱ" by Keiko Fujii Dance Company in NY will be held at Gibney, New York on September 19-21, 2019.


Keiko Fujii
Keiko Fujii

Keiko Fujii, a popular figure in her native Osaka, Japan, is quite prominent as a modern dance performer, artistic director, choreographer of the Keiko Fujii Dance Company and director of Studio K which provides training in classical ballet, modern dance, jazz dance, floor ballet/Potential Human Movement and hip hop since 1983.

Ms. Fujii began her dance training at the age of three in Osaka, studying traditional Japanese dance with her mother who was a Japanese dance instructor. Recognizing immediately that she was not drawn to traditional dance ("I could't sit that way in a kimono for one hour. I was always fidgeting and always got scolded by my mother, so I got fired!"), Keiko moved to modern dance and classic ballet.

She studied the Jose Limon technique of modern dance with Betty Jones and Fritz Ludin at the Jones-Ludin Dance Center in Honolulu. While there she also trained in classic ballet, jazz dance, hula and tai chi.

She has performed and taught workshops in Hawaii frequently and has been a guest artist of the University of Hawaii Department of Theatre and Dance and has conducted workshops in modern-jazz dance with the University's Outreach College. Served as guest artist for University of Hawaii at Manoa's annual dance concert. She is especially noted for her ability to fuse elements of modern and jazz with Japanese cultural themes.

In addition to her performance, University of Hawaii presented Keiko Fujii Dance Company Concert, "Hana-The Flower 2"at Kennedy Theatre in August, 2010. This original work has been performed in Japan, New York and Atlanta since 2007 and a portion of the work was premiered for the royal families of Japan in an exclusive concert in Tokyo in Februay, 2010.

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